Don’t Step on the Cracks

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Don’t Step on the Cracks

My latest novel set in the homeless community in Fareham, another psychological thriller written during the lockdown months of 2020.

Shocked at the amount of homeless in Fareham, Karen takes a job at the local hostel where she meets support worker Gemma, an acquaintance from her past.

When a young female resident is attacked, the finger of suspicion falls on Falklands veteran Harry who was spotted running from the scene. Or was it John, living rough in the woods, who is resisting help from the homeless team?

Karen discovers him sleeping in her shed and offers him help but when he runs away, she follows and soon finds herself in danger.

Meanwhile, Molly, fleeing with her young daughter from an abusive marriage, finds life even harder when she loses kore than a roof over her head. At the hostel she meets Wes, a friend from her past and now an outreach worker. Will their revived friendship help her situation, or make things worse, when her husband Rob scours the streets of Fareham determined to win her back at any cots?

ISBN 9781838326104

To buy a copy please email your full postal address and telephone contact and pay with the link below. Price includes postage.


Don’t Step on the Cracks

Shocked at the amount of homeless in Fareham, Karen finds herself working in the local hostel. A psychological thriller set in the homeless community.


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